Fuel Economy Car Becomes A Important Role

World’s Cheapest Car is Unveiled

After months of rumors and tantalizing leaks, Indian automaker Tata Motors has finally unveiled the Tata Nano — its already legendary $2,500 (1-lakh) car.

The words “Tata Nano” have nothing to do with tiny music players, but the car going by that name’s price and size are still nearly small enough to dance on the head of a pin.

As expected, the car that Tata claims will change the face of not only the Indian car market, but the global auto industry will be a four door, five seat hatch, powered by a 30 HP Bosch 624 cc four stroke engine mounted out back and mated to a CVT. That makes the Nano the first time a 2-cylinder gasoline engine will be used in a car with a single balancer shaft. The Nano’s also expected to get 54 US miles per gallon.


Petrol price have successfully hit record levels after oil reached the $100 a barrel mark, sending financial shockwaves through world markets. Fuel economy is at the top of the list of factors shoppers consider when looking at a new vehicle. In face of this situation, more and more manufacturers began to focus on the fuel economy vehicle.

China’s Car Manufacturers

Actually, China’s car manufacturers are paying gigantic effort on the fuel economy vehicle and have got very big accomplishment.

China’s auto giant FAW has become involved in economy car production once it has controlling shares in Tianjin Automotive Xiali Co. (TAIC), the country’s major economy car producer. TAIC, which is based in the port city of Tianjin, north China, is capable of producing 230,000 cars, 270,000 engines and 10,000 large tractors annually, while FAW manufactured and sold about 1430,000 cars last year.

In 2007, China FAW Group Corp became the country’s first automaker to operate a plant in Mexico, as increasing domestic competition causes Chinese carmakers to seek sales in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia. FAW’s Mexican plant is set to open in 2010 with a capacity of 100,000 fuel economy cars a year, according to the statement. Sales of imported cars had begun last year.

Chery, China’s largest independent carmaker and is specialized in fuel economy vehicle, expects to export 110,000 vehicles this year, predominately to the Middle East and Russia, Zhang Lin, general manager of Chery International, a division of the Wuhu-based automaker, said on November 15. The company will also build cars for Chrysler LLC.

Geely, the largest private car manufacturer in China, enter into South Africa is another milestone in her history. As the first overseas joint venture South Africa of Geely International, Geely SA will import and distribute Geely cars in South Africa. The first model will be introduced into SA is Geely CK, a kind of fuel economy cars.

Auto Car Trade Shows

Here are several famous Chinese auto car trade shows as follows:

China International Automobile Manufacturing Exposition
36,000 sqm of exhibition area will be available, and you will be exposed to:
- Over 800 exhibitors;
- Businesses from over 30 countries and regions;
- Over 8,000 business decision makers from 20 countries including the US, Asia and European participants;
- More than 20 high-level summits and procurement information release conferences will be held.

Auto Guangzhou, China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition
China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition started in 2003, which was positioned at “High Quality, Internationalization and Comprehensiveness”. On the basis of major support from Guangzhou Municipal Government, China’s 1/3 car consumer market, powerful car developing industry and the one of the best exhibition hall in Asia, it has become one of China’s famous automobile exhibitions after four years’ operation.

The 8th Dalian International Auto & Parts Exhibition
Dalian International Automotive Industry Exhibition is one of the exhibitions planned, initiated and fostered by Dalian People’s Government. Through this exhibition, Dalian People’s Government intends to build a free-trade, logistics and sales center of automobiles and to attract more auto projects and to provide an extensive market for the automotive and auto parts merchants from home and abroad.

China Leading B2B Marketplace

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Fuel Economy Vehicle -Double-Edged Sword

One aspect, the fuel economy car can cut down the fuel gas contamination and restrain oil price from going up. Besides, appearance of the fuel economy car makes the possession of a car become a reality for many families.

Another aspect, the trend would aggravate the urban traffic.

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